About Us

Our cleaning company was created in 2005 by Mr. Alexandros Psykos in Galatsi, where it is
still based today. It started under the name of a well-known chain. His initial activity was
cleaning and ironing clothes, Mr. Psykos with his personal occupation and for 10 years he
managed to provide high quality services in all departments of the business and the absolute
satisfaction of his customers.

In 2008, as the needs of the customers grew, another activity was added, the repair and
processing of clothes. In the years that followed and carefully monitoring the needs of the
market and of each housewife separately, other services were added such as the cleaning of
carpets and rugs, as well as the washing of quilts, blankets, and all leather goods.

From the first years of the company’s operation, our concern was and until today is loyalty
and responsibility as well as the low prices for the market. For this reason, these were the
three main characteristics that recognized “Clean4you” in the consciousness of its

“With professionalism and consistency”

Alexandros Psykos