Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our company’s website. http://clean4you.gr/ is the website and online store of
the company under the name “Clean4You EE with the distinctive title “clean4you” VAT
number: 999060250 (Tax Authority IG ATHENS) and Registration number: 69364403000,
which is based in the Municipality of Galatsi, Agia Glykeria street, number 33, T.K. 111 47,
tel. +30 210 2919280 and has an electronic contact address: info@clean4you.gr (hereinafter
the “COMPANY”).

The following terms of use exclusively cover any provision of services through the
COMPANY’s online store located on the website http://clean4you.gr/ (hereinafter the
“Site”). Any other terms are expressly excluded. Any natural or legal person who visits the
Site and uses the services of the COMPANY’s online store (hereinafter the “User”) is deemed
to consent and unconditionally accept the terms of use set forth here, without any
exception. Please read these terms of use carefully and make sure you understand them
before placing your order. If you do not agree with these terms, you must refrain from using
the online store and from any transaction with it. If you believe there is an error in these
terms or changes are required, please contact us. The COMPANY reserves the right to
change the terms of use at any time without notice.

Services Information

The COMPANY is committed to the truth, accuracy and completeness of the information
listed on the Site, regarding the identity and details of both the COMPANY and its suppliers,
as well as the main characteristics of the products or services available through the Public
site. The COMPANY reserves the right and is not bound for any technical or typographical
errors, which were made by mistake, oversight or due to force majeure and which it accepts
to correct if they come to its attention.

Services to consumers

On the Site you will find services for cleaning, repairing/refurbishing items of clothing
/carpet, which are addressed, intended, and sold exclusively to end consumers, natural or
legal persons. The sale for commercial purposes of the services is not allowed. The
COMPANY reserves all its rights, including explicitly not accepting purchase proposals that
create the impression that they were made for the purpose of further commercial
promotion of the products.

User Statements

The User declares that all information provided by him while using the Site is accurate. The
User undertakes the obligation to cover any loss of the COMPANY or its subsidiaries or
cooperating companies from the use of the Site and the User’s account by persons not
authorized by the User.

The User is solely responsible for the evaluation and selection of the services offered by the
Site and the COMPANY bears no responsibility in relation to the correctness of the User’s

Limitation of Responsibility

The COMPANY bears no responsibility for direct or indirect, positive or cumulative damage,
which may result from the lack of ability to use the Site as well as from any errors,
interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Site or in the transmission of
information through it on the Internet.

The COMPANY shall not be liable for any damage arising directly or indirectly, incidentally or
consequentially, or in any way related to the access or use of the Site, including, but not
limited to, any loss or damage caused by viruses that may affect your equipment (PC) or the
validity of information obtained through the Site.

Where the Site contains external links (links) to other websites, in no case does it mean that
the COMPANY unreservedly approves, adopts, or recommends the content or websites of
third parties and the information provided therein, and access to them is done at its own
risk your responsibility.

The COMPANY, in the context of its transactions from the Site, informs the User based on
the availability data of the delivery times of its products and services (except in cases of
force majeure). In any case, the COMPANY undertakes to promptly inform the User of the
unavailability, so in this case it bears no further responsibility.

The COMPANY takes all necessary measures for correct content information on the Site. The
COMPANY expressly reserves the right for any errors in characteristics, photos and prices of

products and services listed on the Site and due to human or technical error and is not
responsible for them.

The COMPANY has no responsibility for any unauthorized interventions by third parties in
the services and/or information available through the Site.

The COMPANY bears no responsibility or liability for compensation for any damage and/or
moral harm resulting from failure to provide support services.

The COMPANY provides its services exclusively within the geographical areas specified on
the Site.

Pricing Policy

The pricing policy of the COMPANY’s services through the Site is defined based on our price
list, as it appears on the Site, and is the price in effect at the time of placing your order. The
COMPANY reserves the right to adjust its pricing policy at any time, however, any price
change will not affect orders already placed. All prices listed in the COMPANY’s price list
include Value Added Tax (VAT). However, it is clarified that if the VAT rate changes between
the date of acceptance of your order and the date of payment, then the User is obliged to
pay based on the adjusted VAT.

Payment methods

Payment upon receipt of the order at your location (cash)

Pay the COMPANY’s employee the total amount of the order, with the COMPANY delivering
your order to your location in cash. In case of cash on delivery, the value of the order,
including taxes and other charges, cannot exceed €499.99.

Payment upon receipt of the order at your location (POS)

Pay the COMPANY’s employee the total amount of the order, with the COMPANY delivering
your order to your location with the pos machine available by debit card or Visa &
Mastercard credit card. With a debit / credit card, the payment is made once.

Payment by Debit or Credit Card

When placing your order, you can pay by credit/debit card through the website. Payment by
card is completely safe, while at the same time your card is debited immediately. The user
who chooses to pay by card is directed to a secure EYROBANK Bank server to settle the
transaction. He then returns to our website and is notified of the successful or unsuccessful
outcome of the transaction.

Additional Information – Explanations

a) How secure is the credit card payment process? The process is completely safe. The
payment is not made directly to clean4you, but the user is transferred to a secure
server of the bank

b) What is the CVC / CVV field I am being asked for? The CVC / CVV field is located on
the back of your credit card and is a three-digit number.

c) What happens if a mistake is made during the payment?

In case the transaction has been successfully carried out, it has been recorded by us and your money will not be lost. The process is automated, controlled and there is no chance of losing money.

Payment via PayPal account

Pay via PayPal. In this case you pay for the order with your PayPal account. To activate the
payment, you will be taken to the PayPal login page. Your account will be charged on the day
of your order. For information about the PayPal service, you should refer to the service’s
website. Orders with PayPal as a payment method are subject to additional checks by the
COMPANY and may be rejected, you may be asked for another payment method, or there
may be delays in their shipment. You may also be asked for additional information
identifying your details.

Order Cancellation Policy

The User can cancel the order for which the service has not been activated. The cancellation
is made by corresponding request of the User via email to, or telephone communication
with, the Customer Service Department of the COMPANY, as stated above.

In particular, the order can be canceled at the following stages:
Before the receipt of the articles of clothing /carpet by the COMPANY’s employee. In this
case, the User must inform the COMPANY in a reasonable period regarding the cancellation
of the order. In this case, the User is not subject to any charge from the COMPANY.
Before the quality control of the articles of clothing/carpet and the relevant information
from the COMPANY. In this case, the User must inform the COMPANY of his intention to
cancel the order within a reasonable period and accepts a charge of 5 euros due to the
transport costs.
In any case, the User may cancel the order within fourteen (14) days from the submission of
the order and its acceptance by the COMPANY. In such a case, however, if the services
provided have been completed, the User may not cancel the order even within the above
deadline. If the User cancels the order, within the above deadline, after the start of the
provision of the services by the COMPANY but before their completion, the User must pay
the value of the services that have been completed/provided up to the point of time to
inform the COMPANY for the cancellation.
Upon receipt, the User is obliged to unpack and check the products to confirm the absence
of any defects, and in the event that there are any, he is entitled to reject the receipt of the
item and return it to the COMPANY employee, otherwise to report the existence of defects
to a period of one (1) hour from the receipt of the item, while in the event of the expiry of
this period, all relevant rights are lost and it is considered that the aesthetic or any other defect was caused after receipt by the User. In case of a timely declaration, the COMPANY is
obliged to re-clean the specific item in a short time without charge to the User and within a
period to be agreed upon by both parties. In case of unconditional receipt of the item, it is
considered that it was delivered in perfect condition without defects.

For any clarification regarding the returns policy, you can contact the Customer Service
Department at 210 2919280 or by e-mail at the e-mail address: info@clean4you.gr.

Minimum order limit

The User accepts the minimum order limit, which is set at €10. All orders, without a discount
coupon code, which have a value of less than €10, will be charged the amount of the
minimum order. For any additional information regarding the amount of the minimum
order, please contact via e-mail at the e-mail address: info@clean4you.gr.

The COMPANY reserves the right to freely adjust the minimum order policy (as discussed
above). For any change in the minimum order policy, users will be informed from the Site’s
terms of use page. For more information about the minimum order policy, please contact via
e-mail at the e-mail address: info@clean4you.gr.

Compensation Policy

In case of loss, or destruction of an article of clothing/carpet due to proven fault of the
COMPANY, the User’s compensation cannot exceed ten times the cleaning value of the
specific item (and not the entire order).

Mainly focused on customer service and the provision of the highest quality services, the
COMPANY focuses on quality at all stages of the solution we offer to the consumer. More

When the user places an order through the Site, the order remains pending until the quality
control stage is completed. The COMPANY processes and executes the payments when the
quality control stage is completed (although in some banks it may appear as a charge to the
consumer’s card) and the order continues to the remaining stages (clearance, return to the

At this stage, quality assurance procedures for your orders and items take place, such as:

A. The total number of pieces and whether this is consistent with the total number of
pieces of the online order. If the quality control center finds that the number of
pieces is different from that of the online order, the COMPANY’s employees take the
corresponding actions, as described in the corresponding article of these terms of

B. Comparison of the pieces of the order (if they are the same pieces as those chosen
by the User when submitting and completing his online order). In the event of a
piece discrepancy, the COMPANY staff at the quality control center informs the User
(either by phone or email) and after a written consultation between the two parties
(e.g., email) the required actions are performed.

C. Checking the condition of the items to be cleaned (e.g., torn pieces, stains that will
not be cleaned) to ensure they are properly cleaned without any damage that may
occur given the condition of the item.

The COMPANY uses the most specialized personnel to ensure quality control with long-term
experience in quality control and cleaning units of clothing items.

Variations during quality control of orders

If, during the quality control of the order, it is established that fewer products were received
than those declared by the User when registering the online order (and for which he/she
signed/confirmed upon receipt of the order by the COMPANY’s receiving officer), then the
COMPANY bears no responsibility, and is considered an error of the User. In this case, the
User must acknowledge the error and cannot blame the COMPANY for the loss of items
during the period from receipt to quality control and notification. As soon as the specific
case is established at the quality control center, the COMPANY must take the following
actions within one (1) hour:

Informing the User with the corresponding message/notification regarding the difference in
the number of pieces (fewer than those specified by the User when registering the
electronic or telephone order).

Adjustment of the amount of the final amount of the order and informing the User of the
final amount (as well as of the exact number of pieces of the order).

Request for written confirmation/approval from the User) of the adjusted amount to
proceed with the execution of the order as it was adjusted after quality control at the
control center (e.g., via email).

If the COMPANY does not receive the necessary approval from the consumer for the
execution of the adjusted order within 8 hours, then the order is considered non-executable
and the COMPANY must inform the consumer with a relevant e-mail message. The order is
returned to the consumer with a minimum charge of 3.99 euros within 24 hours.

Order quality control process: The User agrees that the quality control of the order will be
processed at the COMPANY’s quality control center within eight (8) hours of receipt of the
order. The COMPANY must and will inform the User with a relevant notification about the
results of the quality control of the order. In case any problem is not found during the
quality control stage regarding:

Variation in terms of the number of pieces of the order

The quality of the pieces

Very difficult stains that pose a risk when cleaning the piece and the possibility of its

Then the order is executed normally proceeding to the next stages.

If a serious problem is found in any of the pieces during quality control, the COMPANY
informs the consumer via message and requests his written approval so that the next
cleaning steps can be performed.

The COMPANY must also inform the User of possible risks and unforeseen consequences
when cleaning the piece. The User at his own sole responsibility approves or not the
execution of the order. In case of approval, the COMPANY bears no responsibility for
unexpected results during the order execution process.

In case of non-approval, the specific piece is returned to the User through the following

  • If it is part of a larger order that also contains other pieces, then the specific item is
    returned with the rest of the order (no extra charge).
  • If it is not part of a larger order (an order consisting only of the specific piece) it will be
    returned to the User in the next 2-3 working days with a minimum transport charge of 5

In case of non-response of the User within 2 hours from the request for approval or non-
execution of the order of the problematic item, then the case of non-approval as described
above applies and the corresponding procedure is activated.

By accepting the terms of use, the User accepts that none of the items he delivers to the
COMPANY for cleaning exceeds €600 in monetary value.

Care conditions for articles of clothing/clothing

All items of clothing/clothing submitted for cleaning are considered second-hand.

Items of clothing/clothing submitted for cleaning are considered as individual items and not
as parts or subsets of an ensemble (e.g., suits).

The COMPANY always follows the instructions stated on the label located on the article of
clothing. If the article of clothing does not withstand the cleaning method specified on the
label, the manufacturer of the article of clothing/clothing that affixed the label is

The COMPANY bears no responsibility if the User requires a different cleaning method than
that indicated on the label of the item of clothing.

The COMPANY is not responsible for materials that may dissolve in the dry-cleaning liquid
(e.g., buttons, beads, pearls, sequins, sequins, buckles, etc.).

COMPANY is not responsible for colors that wash off in the dry cleaning liquid unless there is
a label prohibiting it.

The COMPANY is not responsible for indelible stains or old stains that may not disappear
during the cleaning process.

In no case shall the compensation exceed ten times the cleaning value.

The COMPANY is not responsible for loss or damage to items of clothing/apparel not claimed
within 90 days of the receipt date.

The articles of clothing are kept at the COMPANY for up to 90 days from delivery. After this
period, they will be handed over to charitable institutions.

The COMPANY bears no responsibility for personal items that have been forgotten in
clothing/apparel. Please check clothing/clothing items carefully before handing them in for

Based on international practices and depending on the fabric of the pieces delivered for
cleaning, there is a risk of narrowing in a small percentage of the pieces. By accepting the
terms of use, the User acknowledges and accepts this percentage.

In case of loss or destruction of an article of clothing/clothing/carpet due to proven fault of
the COMPANY, the User’s compensation may not exceed ten times the cleaning value of the
specific item (and not the entire order).

Every customer who delivers articles of clothing/clothing/carpet for cleaning is aware of and
accepts the above terms.

Completion of Provision of Services

The estimated date of completion of the services provided by the Company is the one
notified to the User during the stage of submitting the order electronically through the Site.
If the User does not receive the items of clothing/clothing/carpet within the specified
delivery time due to his fault, the COMPANY will contact him to set a new delivery time and
may charge the User for the relevant transportation costs.

If the provision of the COMPANY’s services is delayed by an event beyond its control, the
COMPANY will contact the User as soon as possible to inform him of this. Provided this
information is provided, the COMPANY will not be liable for delays due to events beyond its
control, but if there is a risk of significant delay, the User may request cancellation of the
order and receive the consideration paid for the services not received.

Use of Personal Data

The COMPANY will use the User’s personal data only in the manner provided for in the
Privacy Policy it applies.


The COMPANY is the sole and exclusive owner of all copyrights in the content and structure
of the Site except for express exceptions. The content of the Site is the intellectual property
of the COMPANY. Any information (text, images, graphics) contained on the Site may only be
used for personal, non-commercial use. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify in any way,
part, or all of the contents of the Site without the prior written consent of the COMPANY.

These terms of use are governed by Greek Law as well as any contract between the User and
the COMPANY drawn up electronically through the Site. For any dispute arising from the
implementation of these terms of use as well as for any dispute from the User’s contract
with the Company drawn up electronically through the Site, the courts of Athens are
designated as competent.

In the event that any dispute arises from the transaction between us for the resolution of
which you have sent us a relevant written request, but we have not been able to reach a
common agreement between us, you have the option of turning to the Online Dispute
Resolution platform, on the website webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/ which is directly connected
to the competent independent Authority “Consumer Advocate”
(www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr). On this platform you can submit a request to resolve the
dispute, in which case our company can then be called by the competent Authority at the
email address: info@clean4you.gr.